General Article Raw vegan diet may be a risk to your health – here’s why

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Raw vegan diet may be a risk to your health – here’s why

The raw vegan diet is an extreme form of veganism. Foxys Forest Manufacture/ Shutterstock

Laura Brown, Teesside University

Vegan diets have become increasingly popular over the years, especially among people looking to improve their health. Indeed, a growing body of evidence shows that plant-based diets (including vegan diets) can have many benefits for health, and have been linked to lower heart disease risk alongside decreased body weight and cholesterol levels.

However, some people are taking the vegan diet to the extreme, choosing only to eat raw plant foods that can be consumed without any cooking. Some also exclude foods that have been changed from their natural form or processed (such as oat or almond milk).

Proponents of this diet claim that cooking causes ingredients to lose some of their important nutrients and enzymes. By consuming raw plant foods, they believe the diet will improve energy levels, prevent (and eve...

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