General Article Real story: 'My cannabis paranoia'

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His drug use led him into a life of petty crime, filled with several periods in prison. He attributes much of what happened to him to cannabis use.

‘I started smoking cannabis because I was desperately unhappy at school. I had a fantastic upbringing, and had great parents, but I was separated from all my friends when I went to secondary school, which made me lonely. Because I was going through puberty, I became even more depressed and had very little self-confidence.

‘Then I started hanging out with a group of kids who smoked and drank. When I was 15, one of my friends brought some cannabis to school. We smoked a joint, and I remember rolling around on the ground and laughing hysterically. All my problems disappeared. I wasn’t worried about anything any more. It was such a relief.

‘I started smoking more and more because I wanted to keep feeling good. Within a week, I was smoking cannabis practically every day. I had to steal to fund my habit, but I didn’t care.

‘After leaving s...

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