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The 2013 UCAS End of Cycle Report paints a picture of increased recruitment at the UK’s universities and colleges following a dip in 2012. Some 495,596 students were accepted to full-time undergraduate courses, 6.6 per cent up, and the highest total ever recorded.

Acceptances of UK students to UK institutions are also at a record level (433,612), 6.7 per cent up, with young people and the most disadvantaged more likely to enter higher education than ever before. Most of the increase relates to institutions in England (7.1 per cent) and Wales (5.7 per cent); institutions in Northern Ireland grew by 9.2 per cent and those in Scotland by 1.5 per cent.

There are a number of key findings from the report.

  • Young people across the UK are more likely to enter higher education than at any time before.
  • Entry rates for disadvantaged young people are at the highest levels recorded across the UK with disadvantaged 18-year-olds in England 70 per cent more likely to enter higher education in ...

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