General Article Reducing water wastage in the UK

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Why is water an issue?

You may wonder why saving water is important, as it appears to rain all the time in the UK. Wet summers and even wetter winters seem to keep the garden nice and green and our rivers flowing. Despite having a seemingly wet climate, some parts of the UK are experiencing water shortages. The south-east of England has less water available per person than the Sudan and Syria.
It is not feasible for us to give our water to parts of the world where they are suffering serious droughts, so surely it should be OK for us to use all our water? Yes: Waterwise doesn’t want people to stop using water, we want people to stop wasting water. The key to water efficiency is reducing waste, not restricting use. About one-third of the water each person uses on a daily basis is wasted – it runs straight down the plughole or down the toilet without being used. It is this wastage we want to cut down.

Why save water? The facts

The UK has less available water per person than most othe...

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