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A new YouGov report shows that funeral planning in the UK is becoming increasingly personalised and tailored to the individual involved, as more and more people consider the service they would like after death.

Two thirds (66%) of UK adults have had some thoughts about the kind of funeral ceremony they would like. This rises to nearly three quarters (73%) for those aged 55+. An even larger percentage have thought about whether they would like to be buried or cremated, with 91% of the same age group having given this dilemma some consideration.

Women are more likely than men to have started to think about their own funeral service. In the 40–54 age group, 55% of men have thought about their funeral plans, as compared to 70% of women. This is important for marketers to recognise, as women may also be able to persuade men to think about their own plans.

The modern nature of funeral services is underlined in one instance by the use of music. Increasingly, songs such as My Way (Frank ...

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