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What happens to refugees when they arrive in the UK?

Refugees must be granted refugee status by the UK Government before they are allowed to settle and start a new life in this country. Before this occurs they are known as an asylum seeker and are required to follow certain rules and regulations. The current asylum system is complex and the process of getting refugee status lengthy and often confusing.

Levels of support

Asylum seekers are not allowed to find paid employment until they have received a positive decision about their asylum claim. This means that most asylum seekers are dependent on the Government for support while they wait for a decision from the Home Office, even if they are qualified and/or are willing and able to work.

The support an asylum seeker receives depends partly on their personal circumstances (age, marital status, special needs) but also on how quickly they applied for asylum after arriving in the UK.

On 8th January 2003, the Government implemented Sect...

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