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How do the opinions of adults and youngsters differ on the subject of asylum seekers? As National Refugee Week 2003 got under way, we asked Islington-based news agency Children's Express to find out.

National Refugee Week in June 2003 focused on children and young people.

A survey conducted last year found young people in Britain were more likely than adults to have negative feelings about refugees and asylum seekers. Children's Express, the Islington-based news agency, decided to ask young people for their views.

Haifa, 17, said: 'I don't think the financial support asylum seekers get in Britain is as much as everyone makes out. I think they only get about £30 a week to survive on, which isn't much.

'Also a lot of the people who come here are highly qualified. They've been doctors or lawyers in their own country but they come here and they're forced to do jobs which involve less skill for a lot less money.'

One 17-year-old who asked not to be named said: 'My Mum's not very keen on...

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