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Topic Selected: Bereavement
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Many people we talked to had a philosophy, faith or belief that made it easier for them to come to terms with terminal illness, death and dying. For example, some people firmly believed in Jesus Christ and life after death.

One woman said that she was a ‘true Christian believer’ and had no fear of death. She was convinced that when someone dies the spirit leaves the body. When she felt very ill she said that death would be welcome. One man asserted that a belief in life after death could help him face death without fear. He finds it very important to pray for this belief.

Some people were unsure about the future, opting to keep an ‘open mind’. One man hoped that there might be something ‘behind the curtain’, but found it hard to believe in life after death and wondered if he were simply ‘clutching at straws’.

A woman with cancer of the kidney explained that although she described herself as a humanist, rather than a Christian, she found it comforting to know that others were pray...

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