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‘Grief is not about forgetting the person who has died, but about finding ways to remember them. Remembering brings healing. When someone dies, our feelings for them and memories of them stay alive and active inside us. We need to find ways of expressing those feelings so that we can move on in our lives,’ says Julia Samuel, an experienced bereavement counsellor.

When you lose someone important in your life, you may fear you will be unable to conjure up all the happy memories of your life with them. This fear is very common. By taking an active part in creating ways of remembering, you can turn those memories into your most prized possessions. This is as true for children as it is for adults.

Finding ways to remember can help you. There is no right way or wrong way of remembering, nor is this a question of seeking perfection in whatever you have chosen to create. At its best, this process is a deeply personal expression of love for the special person in your life who has died but ...

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