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1. Take a stand

When you see someone being bullied, step in and do something about it. Tell them to stop. If a cyberbully receives criticism from their peers, they may refrain from doing it in the future. If your friend confides in you, help them get help so the problem goes away. If necessary, confide in an adult you trust.

2. Ignore them

If there is an isolated incident where you are being bullied, don’t respond to the instigator. Cyberbullies who do not get a response from their target may just move on. They are looking for a response – don’t give it to them!

3. Never retaliate

Be the bigger person and never retaliate against a cyberbully. Retaliation only further perpetuates the cycle of violence, and does nothing to solve the problem. Plus, if you retaliate you could get into trouble for what you are doing or saying to them!

4. Tell them to stop

For repeated bullying, if ignoring the bully doesn’t work, tell them to stop. Let them know that what they are doing is hurtful...

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