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You may hear many different phrases used for this topic...‘Green tourism’ is a term widely used to convey what we mean by responsible, ethical or sustainable tourism. All of these terms mean pretty much the same thing and are generally used to convey tourism that is good for the people and environment in holiday destinations.
Going on a green holiday doesn’t mean that you have to stop visiting your favourite destination, nor does it mean camping in the wilderness without all of your luxuries! These are some common misconceptions that holidaymakers have, but in reality it is much more simple than everyone thinks.

Summing up responsible tourism

You can sum up responsible tourism in relation to three key areas:

  • PEOPLE: Local people should get a fair deal out of your visit, by offering goods or services for you to enjoy – such as great-tasting, authentic food from a local restaurant, real local crafts for you to take home as a lasting souvenir or guiding services so you can get clos...

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