General Article Rights at work

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Your rights at work will depend on:

  • your statutory rights (see below), and
  • your contract of employment.

Your contract of employment cannot take away rights you have by law. So if, for example, you have a contract which states you are only entitled to two weeks’ paid holiday per year when, by law, all full-time employees are entitled to 28 days’ paid holiday per year, this part of your contract is void and does not apply. The right you have under law (to 28 days’ holiday in this case) applies instead.

If your contract gives you greater rights than you have under law, for example, your contract gives you six weeks’ paid holiday per year, then your contract applies.

There are special rules about the employment of children and young people.


Statutory rights

Statutory rights are legal rights based on laws passed by Parliament.

Nearly all workers, regardless of the number of hours per week they work, have certain legal rights. There are some workers who are not entitled to ...

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