General Article Road deaths fall to 2,222 in 2009

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Today the Department for Transport has published the new Road Casualties Great Britain report for 2009.

  • There were a total of 222,146 reported casualties of all severities in 2009, 4% lower than in 2008;
  • 2,222 people were killed, 12% lower than in 2008;
  • 24,690 were seriously injured (down 5%); and
  • 195,234 were slightly injured (down 4%).

The number of fatalities fell for almost all types of road user, with a fall of 16% for car occupants, 13% for pedestrians, 10% for pedal cyclists and 4% for motorcyclists.
Compared with the 1994–98 average, in 2009:

  • The number killed was 38% lower;
  • The number of reported killed or seriously injured casualties was 44% lower;
  • The number of children killed or seriously injured was 61% lower; and
  • The slight casualty rate was 37% lower.

In contrast, traffic rose by an estimated 15% over this period.
Edmund King, AA President, said:
‘We hope that this all-time low in road deaths can be beaten next year but this will be a real challenge giv...

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