General Article Save money and reduce food waste with proper meal planning

Topic Selected: Food and Diet

By Hayley Mitchell

We've all been there. You've just been food shopping, the cupboards are stocked, yet you haven't a clue what to cook for dinner. A house full of food but not a meal in sight! Or, maybe you're stuck because you have a full day of work and no time to go to the shops.

Some clever meal planning can help ensure you only buy what you need. Saving not only money, but on food waste too.

Meal planning is…


Meal planning is asking the 'what do we want for dinner?' question a week in advance. It's deciding your meals for the week and buying all the necessary ingredients in one shop.

It's also preparing ingredients in advance as much as possible. Then you won't have the, 'I can't face peeling those now, I'm starving' dilemmas.

Money saving

Planning your meals for the week means no unnecessary supermarket purchases. Scouring the shops looking for inspiration and picking random ingredients can

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