General Article Schools urgently need to tackle rape culture by educating pupils about online world

Topic Selected: Sexualising Society Book Volume: 386



Tanya Horeck, Anglia Ruskin University; Jessica Ringrose, UCL, and Kaitlynn Mendes, University of Leicester

After weeks of national discussions about women and girls’ safety, the term “rape culture” has made headlines again. This time it relates to widespread reports of sexual violence against teenagers in secondary education, some of which include Britain’s most prestigious fee-paying schools.

The revelations came after Everyone’s Invited, a website and Instagram page dedicated to giving students a platform to report cases of sexual abuse and harassment, became inundated with testimonies in recent days.

Many girls who’ve spoken up have demanded that sexual violence and gender inequality be openly discussed and tackled by school leaders, while MPs have called for an inquiry. Yet it seems there’s an emerging argument that the real issue is not an ingrained culture of unhealthy sexual attitudes but how much exposure teenagers have to pornography and explicit i...

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