General Article Self-care on a budget: 10 things to try

Topic Selected: Adolescent Health Book Volume: 395

Self-care is incredibly important in helping manage and prevent depression.

However, as those of us who struggle with poor mental health are more likely to have financial problems – especially if we are unable to work – there are often real limitations in the amount we can ‘budget’ to look after ourselves.

But while spa days and shopping sprees are undoubtedly expensive, there are many other acts of self-care that cost very little or are in fact free.

1. Drink up

Being even the tiniest bit dehydrated can have a negative impact on our mood, so ensuring we drink enough water is one of the simplest ways we can look after ourselves. Normal tap water is fine.

If you’re not fussed about water, herbal teas (the non-caffeinated kind) also count, and you can pick up boxes relatively inexpensively – especially if you choose own-brand over premium labels. As an added bonus, some herbs (such as chamomile) can soothe symptoms of depression and anxiety. As a few herbs can impact on the efficacy o...

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