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A drink or two may help you to relax and socialise and it may even do you some good, but regularly overdoing it is associated with various health risks. Sensible drinking involves knowing what your limits are and being aware of how much you’re drinking and your pattern of alcohol use. It’s important to understand how to drink sensibly to enjoy alcohol in moderation as part of a healthy lifestyle.


About alcohol

Drinking within safe limits is unlikely to do you any harm and it’s even been suggested that for certain people, a small amount of alcohol – that is about one or two units of alcohol a day – may be good for your heart. But in truth, there are more effective ways to protect your heart, including eating a healthy balanced diet and taking regular exercise.

If you regularly drink too much alcohol, not only do you risk your health, but depending on how much and how often you drink, your work and relationships may also be affected.

To stay safe and healthy, it pays to know yo...

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