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1. The contraceptive pill protects against STIs (sexually transmitted infections)?

True or False


2. Lipstick can damage condoms?

True or False


3. If a condom splits during sex a woman has 24 hours to take emergency oral contraception (‘the morning after pill’)?

True or False


4. Chlamydia can be treated and completely cured?

True or False


5. All STIs have symptoms?

True or False


6. Chlamydia is the most common STI in young people in the UK?

True or False


7. Condoms and femidoms if used correctly and consistently are the only form of contraceptive that will protect you against STIs, HIV/AIDS and unintended pregnancies?

True or False





1. FALSE – Contraceptive pills do not protect against STIs or HIV/AIDS. They do protect against pregnancy if used correctly.


2. TRUE – Any contact with oil-based products can damage condoms. These include:

– Massage Oils

– Baby Oil

– Sun Tan Creams and Oils

– Cooking Oil

– Ice Cream

– Mayonnaise


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