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The main basis for concern regarding sexualisation of children and young people is the idea that we are living in a world which is saturated with sexual images and messages and that these messages may have a detrimental effect on children and young people. Here some of the evidence around these concerns will be examined.

A survey by the Girl Guiding Association and Child Wise (2011) asked girls aged seven to 21 how they felt about a number of issues including those to do with media and pressure to conform. The survey found that 55% of the young women involved felt that ‘Pressure to look like a celebrity’ was one of the main causes of stress among girls their age. The same survey also reported that only 23% of girls felt that girls and young women were portrayed fairly in the media and 90% thought that TV and magazines focus too much on what women look like, instead of what they achieve. The majority of participants in this survey also reported feeling under pressure, with 82% repor...

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