Should the UK adopt the French approach to religion and become a secularist state?

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Yes because:

The UK should adopt a secular model as practised by the French and Germans where there is a complete separation of the state and religion; with protection and equal treatment afforded to all faiths without preference to any one faith. The Church of England should finally be disestablished with the Queen no longer being the Supreme Head of the Church. Finally, the last remaining bishops should be removed from the House of Lords and from the legislative process of the country.

No because:

No, because the French secular model has ultimately undermined religion and the right to freedom of religion to the extent that any form of religious identity in public is criticised, illegal or shunned. Instead of a religious person being able to become a leading politician or judge, secular ones are promoted. Secular has come to mean atheistic. Religious figures have succeeded in Britain, no matter their religious affiliation. Britain’s system has ultimat

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