General Article Should we repeal the Human Rights Act?

Topic Selected: Human Rights
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Bill Cash MP (Conservative) says Yes

When I was Shadow Attorney General, I recommended – and my party accepted – that we repeal the Human Rights Act (HRA) 1998. The Act does not protect British people from harm, let alone their liberties. It should also not be up to unelected judges to decide on what amounts to policy matters in the British national interest. My view of repeal was instituted as Conservative Party policy, which continued through to the last election.

The Conservative manifesto, on which all Conservative MPs campaigned at the 2010 general election, stated: ‘To protect our freedoms from state encroachment and encourage greater social responsibility, we will replace the Human Rights Act with a UK Bill of Rights.’ The Prime Minister himself repeatedly said that he thoroughly endorsed the pledge.

The replacement of the HRA was then relegated to a review under the Coalition agreement. Nick Clegg reversed the real Conservative position: the HRA will not be repealed, and ...

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