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Experts found despite the potentially fatal long-term consequences of lighting up regularly, a large percentage still find skin wrinkles and yellow teeth more troubling than lung damage.

The study also found more than half of smokers either have, or are planning to quit over fears about the damage it is doing to their appearance.

But the in-depth findings by electronic cigarette brand VIP found one in seven admitted they would be more likely to give up the cigarettes if they noticed an effect on how they looked, rather than because their health was suffering.

This New Year, over a quarter admitted this was the reason they have decided to quit tobacco for good.

Dave Levin, co-owner of VIP said: ‘The health effects of smoking are well documented, but people are less aware that cigarettes can also damage your looks.

‘During our research three quarters of smokers said that their habit had caused deterioration to their looks and it was

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