General Article Smoking just one cigarette a day can seriously damage your health

Topic Selected: Smoking and Health

Whether you have one a day or 20, the damage is still huge.

By Natasha Hinde

Smoking just one cigarette a day raises the risk of developing coronary heart disease and stroke far more than first thought, a new study suggests.

Researchers compared the effects of smoking a single cigarette to smoking 20 a day and found there wasn’t a huge difference in the effects. In fact, smoking one a day only halved the risk of heart disease when compared to smoking 20.

Researchers said their findings have important consequences for many smokers and health professionals who believe that smoking just a few cigarettes carries little or no harm.

They warned smokers to stop smoking completely instead of cutting down.

Individual studies have reported that smoking only one to five cigarettes per day is associated with a higher than expected risk of heart disease.

To investigate this further, a team of researchers led by Professor Allan Hackshaw a

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