General Article Social care must shed HIV myths to support first ageing generation

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The social care sector needs education in the realities of HIV to support the first generation to grow older with the condition, writes Alice Booth.

Care homes and HIV

These aren’t generally terms one expects to hear in the same sentence; but in the not-too-distant future, they will be.

Thanks to medical advances, people with HIV are living longer than ever before. This is extremely positive news – but it also means we are entering uncharted territory. The fastest growing group of people in the UK living with HIV is the over-50s, representing one third of those affected.

Within the next two decades, we will have an acute problem in terms of how we support this new and fast-growing population and I’m not sure the social care sector is ready.

Perfect storm

A perfect storm is brewing. We’ve got more and more people facing old age while living with HIV, a highly stigmatised and misunderstood condition, while we have exactly zero experience of HIV in older age.

At the same time, we have ...

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