General Article 'Social media improves our understanding of major world events'

Topic Selected: Social Media
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Referred to by some scholars as the ‘fourth revolution’ in communication (thus equated with the arrival of language, writing, and the printing press) it is claimed that the Internet has the potential to fundamentally alter the spreading of news and information in contemporary society [Ref: eprints]. Today, this seems especially apt where social media, from blogs to Facebook and Twitter, is playing an ever more prominent role in our understanding of world events. The public no longer has to rely on traditional news outlets for reportage and commentary. Instead, everyone and anyone can be a de facto journalist. Videos and images of incidents can be uploaded instantly; commentary on a protest can be tweeted as it happens. It isn’t simply the speed in which we consume news which has changed; the amount of blogs providing commentary and leaks has also proliferated. Anyone with an Internet connection can let millions of others know their particular take on an issue or event....

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