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I know what you’re thinking. Another social media blog post.

Bear with me here. There’s a reason that they are so prolific in the blogosphere, and that’s because social media is one of the most vital aspects of mass communication today. It’s one of the most prolific and abundant means of getting across what we want to say to anyone, anywhere.

This is not a flash-in-the-pan process. It’s not something that suddenly sprung up. It’s been an ongoing trend and it doesn’t show any signs of halting in the next few years. Half of all adults in the UK, USA, Russia and Spain use social networking sites. This is almost a 20% climb on last year. One quarter of the world’s online population logs onto Facebook every day.

Growth in the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region have all shown a marked increase in social media usage, ranging from 24% to 31.8% of total adults in those areas. On a global level, visitors will spend approximately five hours on average using social sites per mon...

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