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I’m 17 and I was with my ex-boyfriend for six months. Before that I’d known him for a year and he was my best friend.

… he read all my text messages

Three months into the relationship everything changed. He became possessive and controlling. I wasn’t allowed to see my friends and he didn’t like me seeing family. If my phone rang he would answer it, and he read all my messages to check I was talking to no one else.

… at college I had to see him at every break

When I started college, he went there too and was in the year above me. After two months I couldn’t face going there because he made me see him at every break. He would wait outside my lessons and even sometimes come into my lessons to have a go at me. Then it started with just the odd grab to stop me from going anywhere. Even when I was out with him he would hold onto me really tight so I couldn’t move from his side.

… he badly sprained my wrist

One day at college he took my phone off me and told me to meet him after my l...

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