General Article Spotlight on: knife crime with the Ben Kinsella trust

Topic Selected: Youth Violence Book Volume: 430

We’re taking a look at is knife crime, and what can be done is stop it. We’ve partnered with the Ben Kinsella Trust - who educate young people on the dangers of knife crime and help them to make positive choices to stay safe. Here’s what they have to say…

TW: violence, death

What is knife crime?

Knife crime is a term commonly used to describe crimes where any shaped or bladed object is used. This includes anything which is intentionally fashioned into a blade for the purpose of inflicting harm.   

Let’s talk about knife crime. 

We can’t escape the recurring headlines. It feels as though every day we hear about another senseless killing, another life-changing injury, another family robbed of a beloved member. But despite the seeming prevalence of these stories, most people do not carry a knife. It is not normal to carry a knife.

The statistics around knife crime are stark. In the twelve months to March 2022, 90 people aged under 25 died after being stabbed. That is 90 too many

Who wa...

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