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Leaving home for the first time to go to university can be one of the most exciting and daunting times in life. However, amid the excitement and pandemonium of Freshers’ Week, it’s important to be aware of personal safety and home security. Student houses and halls of residence attract opportunistic burglars, with a shocking one in five students falling victim to crime, while studying at college or university!

Moving-in day is often a stressful and busy time, but be careful not to leave your room unattended whilst moving in, as the hustle and bustle of bags and boxes can provide the perfect cover for a burglar to strike unnoticed. Statistics from the National Union of Students website show that the average cost of a student break-in is £900 to cover the cost of replacing belongings and repairing damage – a depressing figure if you’re strapped for cash and struggling to survive on a student loan.

To avoid burglars getting the better of your home, make sure you close and lock all do...

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