Stigma stopping young people talking about mental health

Topic Selected: Adolescent Health

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Our new research reveals that one in four young people (24%) would not confide in someone if they were experiencing a mental health problem, with many fearing that it could affect their job prospects.

The research, funded by Macquarie, based on a survey of 2,215 respondents aged 16 to 25, found that the vast majority of young people (78%) think there is a stigma attached to mental health issues.

A third (32%) of those young people who would keep quiet about their mental health worries think admitting to a problem could affect their job prospects, 57% wouldn’t want anyone to know they were struggling and 35% fear it would make them “look weak”.

Conducted anonymously online, the research found that almost half (47%) of young people have experienced a mental health issue. These young people are:

  • Significantly less likely to feel in control of their job prospects[i]
  • More likely to feel too tired and stressed to cope with day-t

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