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What is gender?

It is important to understand that ‘gender’ is more than just biology: it is something we learn from those around us, who present us with their understanding of what it means to be a girl or a boy. Most of us see the following as stereotypes but, at the same time, find ourselves accepting them and rarely challenge them:

  • ‘Boys are just more aggressive than girls.’
  • ‘Girls like to shop and boys like to play football.’
  • ‘Boys are better at science and girls are better at English.’
  • ‘Boys don’t cry and girls are bitchy.’
  • ‘Women are better at looking after children than men.’

Many young men feel they have to be good at sport and should not show or talk about their feelings. While many young women feel they are judged mainly by how they look, and feel they should be very girly or feminine to be attractive. People assume girls and boys think and act like this because of their biological differences. However, these biological differences do not mean that these stere...

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