General Article Stoptober challenge reaches new high as country's biggest mass quit attempt

Topic Selected: Smoking and Health
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Nearly a quarter of a million people in England and Wales turned their back on their cigarettes this month to reap the financial, social and health benefits from taking part in the mass 28-day stop smoking challenge, Stoptober.

Research shows that stopping smoking for 28 days can extend your life by up to one week if you remain smokefree [1]. The new ex-smokers across England and Wales are therefore celebrating their first steps towards a healthier, smokefree life, and if they succeed in quitting for good, they could collectively add as much as 4,700 years of life to the population [2].

However, taking part in Stoptober has delivered even more than the health benefits; there are major savings in time and money:

  • the average smoker has 13 cigarettes a day [3], which equates to 364 cigarettes every four weeks. Stoptober would have saved them £141 each over four weeks [4], and if they remain smokefree, they could save £423 by Christmas and £1,696 in a year. Collectively, if all Sto...

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