General Article Surrogacy can make parenting dreams come true

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A dad tells Lisa Salmon having children through surrogacy has brought him such joy, he wants to help other childless couples learn more about it.

By Lisa Salmon

Being able to have a family is something many people take for granted. But for others, it’s a dream they can’t achieve without help – and in increasing numbers of cases, that help is surrogacy.

If a couple can’t have a baby because they have fertility issues, are the same sex, or a single man, surrogacy may be the only option, if other routes like IVF have failed or aren’t possible.

Surrogacy made such a huge difference to the lives of Michael and Wes Johnson-Ellis, whose two young children were carried by a surrogate that they started the website TwoDadsUK ( to help normalise same-sex families and destigmatise surrogacy. And now they’ve launched a new not-for-profit surrogacy organisation, My Surrogacy Journey (

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