General Article T2A alliance calls for sentencing reform

Topic Selected: Crime and Justice
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  • More people think that sentencing should be based on the emotional and psychological maturity of the offender rather than on their age.
  • Cross-party support – 81% of MPs – for maturity being taken into account by the courts.
  • Majority of people think young adults mature later than the current age (18) recognised by the sentencing system.
  • Older generations think maturity comes later in life than younger generations.
  • There is more support amongst Coalition MPs for sentencing young adults on a case by case basis or as a distinct group than there is for treating them as older adults.
  • Coalition MPs are more progressive on sentencing than Labour.

A ComRes poll conducted on behalf of the Transition to Adulthood (T2A) Alliance has found that both the public (69%) and parliamentarians (81%) believe emotional and psychological maturity should be taken into account when sentencing young adults. Currently an individual is sentenced on the basis of their age, with under-18s subject to th...

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