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What do young people think about age, ageing and the older generations? Do they believe that they are victims of discrimination? How do they feel about getting older? What do they think older generations can offer them and how do they view people of other ages?

In August 2010, London Youth ran a series of workshops with diverse groups of young people aged between 13 and 24 to enable them to explore some of these issues. Delivered in a fun and interactive way by a team of young trainers, the workshops stimulated discussion and challenged young people to look at their own perceptions of age.


Discrimination and stereotypes

The workshops began by examining the participants’ views on discrimination and stereotyping. We asked the young people to draw and describe a stereotypical middle-aged person and an old person. There weren’t many surprises here: young people classified the middle-aged character as stressed out and over-worked, and the older person as very grumpy, ...

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