Talking about sex

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Children and young people are learning about sex and relationships from soaps, magazines, adverts and their friends. The media is full of confusing messages about sex – it can seem like everyone is doing it all the time.

Talking with their parents helps young people to feel safer and less anxious, allowing them to make up their own minds about the choices they take. It also gives them the confidence to talk to future partners about their relationship, sex and contraception.

Making time to talk shows you are there to support your sons and daughters as they grow up. It does not mean that you are encouraging your children to have sex. All the facts show that if you talk openly about sex, young people delay having sex and are more likely to use contraception. By talking to your children about sex, you can help them to sort out fact from fiction, understand the changes in their bodies, and talk openly about feelings and relationships. They will be grateful to hear abo

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