General Article Ten things people with depression want you to know

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Young Scot, Dionne McFarlane shared with us her experiences of living with depression.

For people suffering from depression it can be difficult for people that are close to understand. Depression is the most common mental health issue in the UK. Through my experience of living with depression, this is what I think is important for people to  know and try to understand. 

1. We can’t just snap out of it

This can be frustrating to hear, and it shows that the person you’re speaking to really doesn’t understand how you’re feeling. You can’t just snap out of depression – it’s impossible. I’d describe depression as feeling like drowning – no matter how hard you try to fight back it overpowers you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Depression feels like a constant battle and it’s exhausting.  

2. We don’t always have a reason as to why we’re feeling depressed

This is something I’ve noticed others find hard to understand. To someone who hasn’t ever experienced depression  it can be eas...

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