General Article Ten things that might be making you depressed

Topic Selected: Depression

By Julia Pearce

One in five adults are affected by depression. But why? Are we a generation of inherently sad individuals, or are our lifestyle choices dictating our moods? This article examines ten of the reasons why you might be feeling depressed…

  1. Grief and traumatic experiences: “Life is a rollercoaster”, as Ronan Keating so aptly put it. And with it, life brings various highs and lows, such as relationship difficulties, financial problems or the death of a family member. Some people will be more resilient to the ‘lows’ than others depending on our personality type. Sometimes it can be difficult to identify a particular event which might have left us feeling depressed, especially if we have buried our feelings for a long time.
  2. Having a lack of purpose: Research shows that focusing on meaningful goals can buffer the negative effects of stress and other grievances. Without a purpose, our lives can lack a little structure. For example, individuals facing unemployment after years of...

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