General Article Ten years' time: social media and the future of fundraising

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By distinguishing a clear need, clear ask and a clear explanation of how a donation will make a difference charities can raise money through social media in the next ten years. By Lucy Caldicott, fundraising director at CLIC Sargent.

In ten years’ time social media will have been around for 30 or so years. Online communities began in the mid-90s and blogging a little later. Accessing sites like Facebook and Myspace in the office was frowned upon in those early days and most IT policies had strict restrictions forbidding what were then deemed non-work-related activities. People tended to hide behind avatars and nicknames on social media rather than being themselves.

Since that time, only a few short years ago, the growth both in usage and functionality has been extraordinary.

Social media is now far more firmly embedded in daily life with people far more likely to post using their real name and personal profile. Today it is individuals rather than brands that are playing a strong ...

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