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Topic Selected: Terrorism
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‘They put me in a kneeling position like this. They told me not to sit back on my heels. They said: “look straight ahead, don’t look to the sides”. There were four or five guys surrounding me and insulting me and beating me. For three days, I was not allowed to sleep. Then, on the fourth, they made me kneel all night. They punched me, they kicked me, once to my chin.

‘Another time I was told to lie down and they picked me up by my neck so I was half-strangled and they said: “we are going to kill you unless you confess what you did”.’

Detainee, Afghanistan

‘The Americans interrogated us on our first night which we coined as “the black night”. They cut our clothes with scissors, left us naked and took photos of us before they gave us Afghan clothes to wear. They then handcuffed our hands behind our backs, blindfolded us and started interrogating us. The interrogator was an Egyptian. He asked me about the names of all members of my family, relatives and friends. They threatened me w...

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