General Article The 12 types of Internet troller

Topic Selected: Bullying
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Lurker – Silent calls by accident, etc., clicking on adverts or ‘like’ buttons, using ‘referrer spoofers’, modifying opinion polls or user kudos scores.

Elder – An elder is an out bound member of the community, often engaging in ‘trolling for newbies’, where they wind up the newer members often without questioning from other members.

Troll – A Troll takes part in trolling to entertain others and bring some entertainment to an online community.

Big Man – A Big Man does trolling by posting something pleasing to others in order to support their world view.

Ripper – A Ripper takes part in self–deprecating trolling in order to build a false sense of empathy from others.

Flirt – A Flirt takes part in trolling to help others be sociable, including through light ‘teasing’.

Snert – A Snert takes part in trolling to harm others for their own sick entertainment.

MHBFY Jenny – A MHBFY Jenny takes part in trolling to help people see the lighter side of life and to help others come to term...

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