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Since the last survey two years ago, a global recession has caused unemployment in the UK to soar to 2.5 million. Young people have been hit the hardest, and those out of work have found themselves labelled a ‘lost generation’.
For many, university is the best place to be, offering shelter from the storm and the chance to boost employment prospects.
But, as our survey shows, it is not an easy ride. Today’s students know that a degree in itself is no longer automatically a path into a good job. They feel under growing pressure to do well academically and ensure that, when they come to leave university, they stand out from the crowd. At the same time, financial constraints mean that almost a third are juggling a job alongside their studies, and almost half have day-to-day money worries. Shockingly, nearly one in three has considered dropping out.
The survey also confirms that the traditional student experience is on the wane. Growing numbers are choosing to

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