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How and where can an asylum application be made?

It is not possible to enter the UK in a legal way in order to claim asylum. Asylum can only be claimed from inside the UK. Once inside the UK, an asylum application can be made at a police station, at the Home Office in Croydon or a claim can be made to an immigration officer. It is crucial for an asylum-seeker to claim asylum as soon as possible, preferably upon entry into the UK. If an asylum application is not made as soon as an asylum-seeker enters the UK, they may be denied welfare support and accommodation and it may be detrimental to their claim later on. An asylum application can be made without using the words 'asylum' or 'persecution'. All that is necessary is that the immigration officer, or whomever the claim is made to, understands that the claimant is afraid of return to the country from which they have fled.

What happens after the initial claim for asylum?

There are currently several different ways in which asylum a...

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