General Article The changing face of digital literacy in UK schools and universities

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Earlier this month saw Michael Gove, the UK’s Education Secretary, propose new plans to scrap the existing ICT curriculum, allowing schools to design and tailor their own course. The Guardian helped spark reform throughout the week with its Digital Literacy Campaign.

Supported by blue chip companies such as Google and Microsoft, the aim was to improve the teaching of computing science and ICT through raising awareness of the disparity between the skills of UK students learned from their current curriculum and what the industry experts suggest is required for the economy. The UK Culture Minister – Ed Vaizey – has now ranked computer skills alongside the arts and humanities, ‘we are all going to live a digital life… Just as we write well and read well… a basic understanding of computer coding will help you understand the structure of your digital life’.
Not only do these digital skills contribute to the British economy, it has also become in vogue among the younger generation with an ...

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