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Your money

If you smoke the amount of cigarettes below then you are shelling out:

  • five cigarettes a day for one year = £644
  • ten cigarettes a day for one year = £1289
  • 20 cigarettes a day for one year = £2,577.

Think of all that extra money you could be using for holidays, clothes, gadgets and football season tickets!

And scarily enough, if you smoked 40 cigarettes a day for ten years you would have spent £67,748, so instead of burning this money you could have almost bought your own flat.

These calculations were based on a pack of 20 cigarettes costing between £5.50 and £6. To find out more, use the online Cost Calculator to see what this means for you or your family.


The cost to the environment


Producing tobacco involves cutting down lots of trees. Forests are cleared to grow tobacco but the biggest problem is the number of trees that are cut down for fuel to dry tobacco. Tobacco is cured (dried) by heating the tobacco through burning wood. Nearly nine...

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