General Article The first time I said 'I self-harm'

Topic Selected: Self-harm and Suicide
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Hi, my name is Suzi and I am a self-harmer but I am seven and a half years cut free. That’s how I think of self-harming. I don’t self-harm now but I am always in recovery, just like being in AA.

I started self-harming from a young age but it was at university that things unravelled for me. I found more and more that I was on a self-destructive path and the self-harming got worse. I seemed to start suffering from depression, I stopped going to lectures, I was smoking cannabis a lot, I was drinking a lot, I wasn’t sleeping and my hair started to fall out.

My sister, who went to the same university, knew something wasn’t right and did show concern but she didn’t know the true extent of what was going on. I was in my second year of a law degree and there was no way I was going to pass the second year. My housemates noticed I was self-harming more and one of them tried to reach out to me. She sent me a beautiful card listing ten reasons why she loved me – it was hard to read. She finis...

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