The Freedom of Thought 2014

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An extract from the Introduction of the Freedom of Thought report...

By the International Humanist and Ethical Union


A secularising world 

Atheists (those who do not believe in any god), and humanists (those who embrace a morality centred on human welfare and human flourishing that does not appeal to any supernatural source), and others who consider themselves non-religious, are a large and growing population across the world. A detailed survey in 2012 revealed that religious people make up 59% of the world population, while those who identify as ‘atheist’ make up 13%, and an additional 23% identify as ‘not religious’ (while not self-identifying as ‘atheist’). The report by the WIN-Gallup International Association is in line with other recent global surveys. It shows that atheism and the non-religious population are growing rapidly – religion dropped by 9% and atheism rose by 3%

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