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In the UK, farming animals to kill them for their fur was banned and finally phased out in 2002. Fur farming still goes on around the world and fur garments can still legally be sold in shops in the UK. There are two simple reasons: profits and vanity. People who kill animals and make coats out of their skins make money out of it, and people who wear the coats think they look glamorous. The fur trade tries to advertise fur as ‘natural’ to hide the horrific and unnatural way that the animals are imprisoned on fur farms, or trapped in the wild, and then killed.

Fur farming

Worldwide, more than 40 million animals are killed for their fur – 85% are bred and killed on fur farms and the rest are trapped in the wild. This figure does not include the thousands of millions of rabbits killed for the fur trade. The most commonly bred animals on fur farms are mink and fox, but the industry also breeds and kills polecats, raccoons and chinchillas. It is estimated that two million cats and dogs...

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