General Article The impossible trend: look like Barbie

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The trend consists of applying make-up, doing one’s hair, and dress in ways as to resemble a Barbie doll. Young girls and women are posting videos of themselves on YouTube in which they give advice on how to apply makeup and how to do their hair in order to look like Barbie dolls. This trend has apparently taken off and is becoming quite popular with certain girls being seen as the ‘better Barbie’ or more ‘popular Barbie’.
There are also websites dedicated to teaching girls how to look like Barbie and tips on how to take care of one’s body and hair in order to look more like the plastic doll. When searching the Internet it is easy for girls to find tutorials on how to master the look of Barbie and how to create ‘Barbie hair’ and how to achieve a ‘Barbie face’.
It is troubling that young girls aspire to look like Barbie dolls. First off, we all know how much criticism the Barbie dolls have received for their anatomically incorrect and impossibly super slim bodies. Secondly, Barbie has ...

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