General Article The Internet censorship programme you’re not allowed to know about

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By Jane Fae


If you thought filtering of terror-related sites was no more than an unfulfilled gleam in the eyes of the Home Office, think again. They’ve been doing it for the best part of five years.

The announcement last autumn about how home Internet access might soon be subject to such filtering is not some new initiative, but an extension of one with a significant track record.

Over the past few months, the focus has been on controls being applied to domestic Internet. These are, at present, two-fold. There is the Cleanfeed, which serves to block access to a list of child abuse sites maintained by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), as well as, controversially, a lengthening list of sites which are alleged to encourage digital piracy. And there are the various filtering options that domestic Internet service providers (ISPs) have opted for in response to government demands that they save us all from a deluge of online smut.

The set-up with regards to mobile phone filtering and...

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